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    Try my luck again

    So the camera is pointing to the right float and light. I have tried turning the electronics tray, thinking that was the issue but no result. It tilts straight tho.

    I am looking to pack the mount out a bit to get realignment but thought I’d better ask first.

    The camera n mount hasn’t been knocked by me but could have happened in transit.

    Is there a way to adjust it back to the Centre without packing it out?

    A minor niggle but needs to be aligned so clients get quality video

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Kaos,

    Its possible that the mount may have been slightly knocked off center during shipping, and you can readjust the screws to get it back to the center. However, it may also be a software issue- the Raspberry Pi camera crops the image a bit, and can do so off center. There will be an updated Raspberry Pi image soon which has the necessary parameters to ensure that this does not happen.


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    Hi Adam,

    I think it is the software and hope it is sorted soon. I need to make some money with the rov real soon coz banks don’t wait n I have a shopping list for blue robotics to fulfill.

    The longer I wait, the more competition I may encounter. Reality bites hard sometimes

    Cheers Dougie

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