Switch Installation


This Switch allows you to turn a circuit on and off inside a watertight enclosure without needing to open it! Handling up to 5A of current and 120V, you can use it to directly operate low power circuits or interact with a microcontroller to provide input for the operation of your vehicle.

Parts and Tools

You Will Need


1. Use a small amount of silicone grease on the three O-rings for lubrication and place the two smaller ones in the grooves on the Switch dial and the larger one in the groove of the Switch body.


2. Install the Switch into an endcap and tighten the nut by hand or with a wrench.


3. Remove the hex nut then install the button into the end of switch on the dry side and hand tighten.


4. Screw the dial into the Switch body until the button bottoms out, then back off one turn.


5. Push the wire quick connects onto the button terminals.