Standard ROV Electronics Package


Reliable serial communication and analog video feed. Analog screen required.

Includes Fathom-S Tether Interface, Analog Camera, and Pixhawk Autopilot.


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The Standard ROV Electronics Package provides all of the electronics needed for an ArduSub-powered ROV, including the BlueROV2. The “Standard” package includes the Fathom-S tether interface, which provides connections for an analog camera and Pixhawk autopilot, providing a reliable video and data link to your ROV.

The Standard ROV Electronics Package is best for applications where simplicity and reliability is key, and standard definition video is acceptable. This is the majority of research and business applications.

There are a few additional items you will need to use this electronics package on your ROV:

  • A video display with RCA (NTSC/PAL) input. We recommend something with good brightness (300+ cd/m2) and about 10″ size.
  • A computer on the surface to connect to the ROV and relay the controller commands
  • A gamepad controller to control the ROV. We recommend the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller.

For more information, please see the ArduSub Documentation.



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