Underwater GPS Developer Kit

The Water Linked Underwater GPS Developer Kit includes the electronics, receivers, and locator needed to get started with this underwater positioning system! This system is fully supported on the BlueROV2 and ArduSub for map-based positioning and navigation. For use with the BlueROV2, we recommend the Integration Kit as well.

Configure your Underwater GPS system:

SKU: APS-WL-11001-RP
HS Code: 9014.80.4000


The Underwater GPS Developer Kit includes everything you need to get started with Water Linked modules for robust underwater positioning in your system. The Master-D1 calculates the position of any Locator relative to the position of the Receivers with the APS100 technology. Combined with the integrated GPS and IMU, it will provide the absolute GPS position of the Locator.

With a small physical footprint, the kit is easily integrated into even the most compact equipment. It can be used retro-fitted to your system with the included cable, our integrated through your umbilical. 3D position data is accessed through an easy-to use API. Just power up and start exploring the underwater world!

For use with the BlueROV2, we strongly recommend getting the Water Linked Underwater GPS / BlueROV2 Integration Kit which makes it easy to seamlessly integrate the Underwater GPS into the BlueROV2 system.

Demonstration Videos

BlueROV2 Position Hold in a Tank with Underwater GPS Positioning:

BlueROV2 Autonomous Navigation with Underwater GPS Positioning:

BlueROV2 Manually Piloted to a Wreck at a Known GPS Coordinate:


  • 1 x Master-D1
  • 4 x Receiver-D1
  • 1 x Locator-A1 (analog, for ROV with cable penetrator installed) OR Locator-D1 (digital, 50m or 100m stand alone cable)
  • 1 x Splashproof Ethernet Cable
  • 1 x Splashproof Power Cable


Supply Voltage10-18V
Input Current400mA
Length270 mm
Width246 mm
Height 124 mm
Total Weight~4 kg
D1 Interfaces5x
Ethernet Interfaces1x
Acoustic Range100m
Operating Temperature-10 to 60 °C


Datasheet (PDF)

Revision History

3 April 2017

  • R1 – Initial release

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Water Linked BlueROV2 Integration

3 April 2017

Integrate the Water Linked Underwater GPS Developer Kit into your BlueROV2 to see where the ROV is on a map!


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