Water Linked Locator-U1


The Locator-U1 is a beacon for the WaterLinked positioning system that is ideal for scuba divers, untethered vehicles, and ROVs that don’t have free wires to spare for the Analog Locator.

Coming in September 2018.

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The Locator-U1 is a battery powered, digital hydroacoustic locator device including a depth sensor. The Locator performs a chain of advanced digital signal processing operations before transmitting an acoustic wave.The Locator-U1 is fully stand-alone without any cable requirements.

The Locator-U1 has the following features:

  • Integrated pressure/depth sensor
  • Omnidirectional directivity
  • 100m depth rating
  • 100m max operational range
  • 6 hour battery life

The Locator-U1 is fully wireless with no need for cables to the underwater device or top-side.The Locator-U1 does need to be synced with the Master-D1 before it is deployed in water. The procedure involves holding the U1 head-to-head into a Receiver-D1 while initiating the sync procedure in the GUI.


  • 1 x Locator-U1