The T100 is an Underwater Thruster

With over 5 lb (2.36 kg) of thrust you can lift heavy loads and travel quickly.

At 20 g/W of thrust at max load, it beats most expensive alternatives.

Resistant to saltwater and UV light for rugged endurance.

No Pressure Limitations
No enclosed air or oil to compress. Explore the depths of the ocean.

Versatile and Easy to Use
Multiple mounting options and plug-and-play compatibility with any brushless speed controller.

Priced at $109 each, it’s 5-30 times cheaper than the competitors.

It’s Versatile For a Wide Range of Applications

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs)
The T100 Thruster is optimized for use on ROVs. It has powerful thrust for lift and speed as well as very low thrust for trim and fine control. It’s compact enough to fit in any design.

Surface Vessels
Easily mounted to any vessel, the T100 is ideal for robotic surface vessels such as our SolarSurfer. High-efficiency and zero required-maintenance make it ideal for robotic applications.

Anything You Can Imagine
We designed the T100 to enable you to design and build marine robotic vehicles. What will you make and where will you explore?

Designed and Assembled in California

Carefully Designed
The T100 Thruster was meticulously designed for high performance and low cost. It’s been thoroughly tested and we’ll make the results of those tests available to you.

American Made
Many of the T100’s components are American made and sourced. It’s assembled in the USA. We’re proud of that.

Designed for Makers, Hobbyists, and Professional
The T100 is affordable for makers and hobbyists but has the quality and performance of a professional-grade product.

Our Kickstarter Campaign Has Ended,
But You Can Pre-Order Now!