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New Products! Fathom-S Tether Boards, Low-Light Analog Camera, and Subsea Buoyancy Foam

Happy hump day! We have a few new products today that are great compliments to the neutrally buoyant Fathom Tether that was launched a few weeks ago. The new Fathom-S Tether Interface Boards provide a robust video and communication interface through the tether. A new analog camera works great with this system to provide clear, low-latency video. Last, and unrelated, we have a new size and density of subsea buoyancy foam that can handle much greater depths.

Check Out the New Product Video!

Fathom-S Tether Interface Board Set

The new Fathom-S Tether Interface Boards help you get the most out of your tether. Using the Fathom Tether Cable or any Cat5 networking cable, they provide reliable long-distance communication, a low-latency analog video stream, and a remote power switch for your ROV.

We only have a limited quantity of these in stock at the moment, but there will be more in the near future.

Here's a summarized list of features:

  • Low Latency Analog Video through NTSC or PAL (1000+ ft, 300+ m)
  • Adjustable Video Gain for different tether lengths
  • Full-duplex RS-422 serial connection with TTL and USB connections (up to 250 Kbps, 4000 ft, 1200 m) (3.3V logic, 5V tolerant)
  • Power switch that uses a 3-50V input signal to turn on interface (and optionally the autopilot and/or a high power switch/relay)
  • Onboard 5V and 12V (camera) regulated supplies
  • Jumpers to enable/disable configuration options
  • Power-on through tether / power always on when batteries connected
  • Power cycle on USB RTS signal for Arduino programming
  • DroneCode Mini Compatible JST-GH and DF13 connectors

Check out the documentation for the Fathom-S for more information.

Low-Light Analog Camera (NTSC)

The Fathom-S interface requires an analog camera - this new Low-Light Analog Camera is perfect for that. We spent a lot of time comparing different analog camera models and this one had the best clarity, colors, and incredible low-light response. In side-by-side tests, this camera displayed clear colors in a dark environment where other cameras displayed solid black.


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