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The BlueROV2 is the World’s Most Affordable Inspection- and Research-Class Subsea Vehicle

Vectored Thrusters
Provide maneuverability and control that is unmatched in mini-ROVs.

High thrust-to-weight ratio for fighting currents and handling long tethers.

Five times less expensive than the next vectored ROV on the market.

Easy to Assemble
Arrives partly assembled and is completed in 4-8 hours with no soldering, no potting, no hassle.

Configurable & Expandable
User configurable upgrades to different electronics, tether lengths, and accessories.

Built around Blue Robotics’ products with thousands of hours of field testing.

Open Source
Open-source ArduSub software makes it easy to add and change features.

Easy to Operate
Controllable from a laptop, tablet, or just about any device using the QGroundControl app.

Meticulously Designed
Carefully crafted by Blue Robotics for reliability, ease-of-assembly, and usability.

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New Products! Fathom-X and Fathom-E Ethernet Tether Interfaces

Hello everyone! In lieu of our normal new product video update, we just have the blog post today. We have a big update coming next week and we're pretty busy preparing for that!

A few weeks ago we launched the Fathom-S tether interface that provides analog video and serial communications. Today we are announcing two more tether interface board options. Both of them provide Ethernet connections, but with different trade-offs in performance and cost. We're really excited about these Ethernet tether interfaces because they enable live HD video streaming and more expansion options in the future.

Fathom-E is a simple and economical interface board that works well for shorter lengths (<100m) of tether. This board is dead simple: it's just an Ethernet jack and a terminal block, making it easy to connect the Fathom Tether or an Cat5 cable to an Ethernet port. It uses all four twisted pairs in the cable, but provides a simple and reliable connection!

Fathom-X is a lot more capable, but at a higher cost. This board uses a HomePlugAV module to send 100 Mbps Ethernet through a single twisted pair of wires. Additionally, it's robust enough to do that in high-noise environments and over tether lengths of at least 300m (the data sheet indicates that it will work to 2000m! We haven't tested that.) Since it only uses a single set of wires, the rest are free for other uses, including pairing it with the Fathom-S interface board for analog video and serial communication.

Check out the documentation for the Fathom-X for more information. We only have a limited quantity of the Fathom-X boards in stock at the moment, but there will be more in the near future.

Both of these boards share the same mounting holes as the Fathom-S interface, making it easy to interchange between options or upgrade later. They also come with a flexible 6" Ethernet cable to make it easy to connect to a computer onboard the ROV.

That's all for this week. Stay tuned next week for some big news!


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